Firstly, Hi! Thanks for coming to check my website and my work out. I feel lucky to be able to pursue photography as a creative career. I’ve been doing it for just over three years now. It’s taken me across the globe and it’s opened my eyes to worlds I may have never seen had I not been a photographer.

Before I became a photographer I was an actress and a performer. I worked around Sydney in some of the best theatres and clubs in town. I was often in front of the camera and it was a great time in my life. After years of being in front of the lens performing I fell pregnant and of course, things changed. I didn’t want to be front and centre anymore but I didn’t want to leave the wonderful and wacky world of show biz either. So my lovely modelling agents supported me when I said I was going to move behind the lens. They sent me beautiful models to shoot and I guess the rest is her-story!

So I started off shooting fashion models, and editorials with emphasis on portraiture. Then moved into shooting weddings and families as well. Basically I love to capture love and people are always the subject of my fascination.

Pen xxx
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